When Where Prenatal Supplements Available?

In the U.S., prenatal vitamins and prenatal supplements began to appear officially amongst dietary research institutes in 1997. During this time, prenatal vitamins for pregnancy were given official recommended daily allowances by the committee of the Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition of the USA. This committee believed that by this time, there was enough information on prenatal supplements and vitamins to develop a recommendation for RDAs. In the US, expert opinions as well as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have adopted nutritional recommendations required during pregnancy and have outlined the role of pregnancy vitamins and supplements.

Prenatal Vitamins are Supplements, Not a Diet Alternative

Prenatal supplements and prenatal vitamins are endorsed by the American Dietetic Association to provide childbearing women with helpful health. Taking prenatal vitamins for pregnancy does not replace other healthy diets. These vitamin and supplements are known so and should not be mistaken as an alternative of a healthy diet or any diet. Women of childbearing age should be educated on how to use prenatal vitamins supplements. There are variations of these products selling in the market, hence the need to choose the products that are healthy for the woman and the unborn child.

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Why Should You Know What You Need?

Even though prenatal vitamins for pregnancy appear in professionals and academic databases, they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). What this means is that prenatal supplements and prenatal vitamins are independent nutritional supplements that are not over the counter medicines. These supplements are considered food and anyone with an interest can manufacture them and start selling. Therefore, as a woman of childbearing age or as a pregnant woman, at least, you are aware of the type of nutritional supplements you need for your body. Women are knowledgeable, and there is no need of reminding them that they should look around for reviews from experienced users to select the right kind liquid vitamin supplement for their pregnancy. Remember that you can also rely on independent third party vitamins and supplements reviews for your selection. The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention is a nonprofit organization committed to set the standards for vitamins and dietary supplements to help consumers make an informed decision when looking for health products.

The Main Ingredients in Vitamins for Pregnancy

The main ingredients of vitamins for pregnancy, prenatal vitamins and prenatal supplements are folic acids, omega three fatty acids, and vitamin D. Being prenatal supplements, those women who are looking into getting pregnancy should start consuming these supplements a month before pregnancy. Folic acid will be most effective when pregnancy comes and finds that ingredient already in the body. The purpose of using these supplements even before pregnancy is that when the body begins physiological changes, it finds enough nutrients for the new cell formation and development. Remember pregnancy test turns positive almost a month after conceiving suggesting that it began making physiological changes.

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