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What You Should Know About Having Twins

Twins are a rare occurrence. Only about 32.6 out of 1,000 births are twins. As most people know, there are also two different types of twins: identical and fraternal. To some people, twins may be a bit of a mystery. Here is what you should know about having twins.

Who is most likely to have twins?

The chances of having twins vary from woman to woman. Fraternal twins are created when two eggs are released at the same. Fraternal twins sometimes occur because of a gene that is passed down through the family. Couples can only have fraternal twins if the gene runs on the woman’s side of the family. Men can carry the gene. However, they cannot determine whether they have twins. Instead, they could pass the gene down to their daughters who then have a chance of birthing twins. Even then, a woman’s chances are higher if twins run on her mother’s side. Identical twins, on the other hand, do not necessarily run in families. This occurrence is simply a coincidence. Scientists do not even know what causes the cell to split.

Another factor that can increase a woman’s chance of having twins is her age. The older a woman is, the higher her chances of giving birth to fraternal twins are. While age plays a huge role, the biggest contributor to the increasing number of twins is fertility treatments. With the increase in technology, more women can get fertility treatments to help them get pregnant.

Things you should know

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Figuring out what you should know about having twins may feel a little overwhelming. If you do happen to get pregnant with twins, just know that you are now considered a high-risk patient. Many issues can occur when a woman is pregnant with twins. For example, women having twins are more likely to have a preterm birth. This is when the baby is born too early. Preterm birth can lead to a baby with health issues, although not always the case. Women expecting twins are also more likely to need a cesarean section when giving birth. Part of this is because both babies may not be in the right position for a natural birth.  Carrying twins makes it all the more necessary to be proactive in your prenatal health.

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