What Helps Morning Sickness

You may ask yourself what helps morning sickness, but first, you need to understand what it is. The term “morning sickness” is not entirely accurate since a pregnant woman can experience this any time of day. About half of all pregnant women will experience some nausea or vomiting or both. Morning sickness symptoms can range from mild nausea to extreme bouts of vomiting. Since every pregnancy is unique, it is possible that one expectant mother can only have one episode of morning sickness while others may experience illness from beginning to end. Some possible causes of morning sickness include hormonal changes, blood sugar level changes and increased stimuli sensitivity. There are some helpful tips for what helps morning sickness

What Helps Morning Sickness: Some Guides

Breakfast is an important meal of the day for everyone and this is especially true for pregnant women. Many women find that keeping crackers by their bedside and eating a few before beginning the day will often alleviate a queasy stomach. If at all possible, it is best to start your morning routine slowly instead of hitting the ground running. If the usual morning nausea has passed, it will be best to start off the day with a healthy breakfast.

Many expectant mothers also find relief by eating smaller meals frequently over the course of a day instead of three large meals. A lot of information is available concerning what foods should be avoided during pregnancy. Noting foods that don’t seem to bother the mother’s digestive system would be helpful. Unfortunately, those affected by severe morning sickness may eat less food overall. It is important that a pregnant woman continues to consume enough calories that are healthy for her and her growing child. Your obstetrician will be able to monitor healthy growth in the baby’s body even if it causes weight loss in the mother.

Eating a high protein snack right before bedtime may also ease morning sickness. Protein aids the body in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Some examples of high protein snacks include a small omelet, cottage cheese, celery and peanut butter or a handful of your favorite nuts.

Sipping ice water throughout the day also helps many women that suffer from morning sickness. Adequate amounts of water can also reduce certain food cravings and may eliminate unnecessary eating purges. Some other advice to overcome morning sickness is to drink tea, flat caffeine-free soda or a warm cup of water with a teaspoon of cider vinegar. These have often been reported to be effective to ease nausea. Some stomachs are sensitive to extreme temperatures as well, so a milkshake or a hot cocoa may not be the best choices for a woman with what helps morning sickness.

In addition to food choices, odors can also bring on waves of nausea in a mother-to-be. In addition to morning sickness food triggers, it is helpful to keep notes of odors that trigger nausea. Keeping notes of all triggers will help you avoid these smells and also keep other family members from exposing you to these odors. If the smell of certain food preparation makes you nauseous, share this with the family. They may need to avoid cooking the food in your presence. Other odors such as perfume or any other scent that you once enjoyed may now send you running to the bathroom

If your pregnancy has brought on the symptoms of morning sickness, make sure you start drinking plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. This may be difficult because morning sickness sometimes makes you nauseous whenever you drink water. But you need to work through that nausea because it’s important to stay hydrated all the time, but it’s even more crucial at this point in time. Of course, you can always substitute water for your favorite beverage so that you can be free of the symptoms of morning sickness once and for all. You can always try ginger ale, chilled water with freshly squeezed lemon juice added to it, or you can combine each of them and have herbal iced tea that has the lemon juice and also ginger in it. You can also make a smoothie with your favorite fresh fruits and some natural yogurt mixed in. Yogurt, which helps in the digestion of food, should always be eaten while you are pregnant because of its positive effect on morning sickness symptoms. As a rule, if you want to get rid of morning sickness, drink cold beverages. The beverage options we just discussed will not only keep your water levels at optimum levels but what helps morning sickness symptoms subside.

Another tip that may answer your question of what helps morning sickness you can try for morning sickness is to get a massage or other form of body work. Therapy massages are great for morning sickness symptom relief, but you’ll also feel like a million bucks afterward. You’ll want to make sure you only go to those therapists that have worked with pregnant women before. You can often find a good therapeutic masseuse by inquiring of your friends who may have had a massage while they were with child. You may find that your masseuse uses special rubs on pressure points to help relieve even more symptoms. Hopefully, you’ll get one of those massage therapists who can get rid of your morning sickness symptoms using just the right techniques.

When it comes to what helps morning sickness, no two women are alike and some just have mild symptoms while others feel absolutely horrible. It’s likely that your symptoms fall somewhere in the middle range. The above tips cannot be beaten when it comes to what helps morning sickness symptoms so it’s worth it to give them a try if you are suffering from it.