Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness: Pregnancy’s Hero

B6 for Morning Sickness

Does Vitamin B6 For Morning Sickness Help?

While not all the morning sickness remedies may work for you, several options such as vitamin b6 for morning sickness have been proven to effectively relieve morning sickness. Morning sickness is nausea feeling mostly experienced in the morning especially during your first trimester. It normally starts in the morning and wears off as one become active throughout the rest of the day.

Why Take B6 Vitamins?

Several studies conducted on morning sickness victims have shown that ladies who experience a severe case of it have low levels of b6 vitamins in their body. This could be the reason why many expecting women suffering from severe morning sickness during pregnancy who use b6 for morning sickness have their symptoms relieved.

B6 vitamins are important nutrients, as they help you to use as well as store energy from foods. B6 supplements also boost growth and development of red blood cells. A healthy diet will supply you with sufficient b6 vitamins required to deal with your morning sickness, without the need of taking separate supplements.

How Much Vitamin B6 Do I Need?

Mothers-to-be require only 1.9 mg (milligrams) of b6 for morning sickness per day to assist in making red blood cells, neurotransmitters and antibodies and to meet the developing baby’s daily needs.
You can find b6 vitamins in a wide range of foods, so as to meet the requirements by eating not only varied but nutritional diet. Foods like nuts, bananas, greens beans, cauliflower, carrots, lean meat, fish, and potatoes are very god sources of b6 vitamins. Vitamin b6 can also be found in prenatal vitamins.

If you experience vomiting and nausea, your healthcare provider may advise that you begin by taking at least 25 milligrams of b6 for morning sickness 3 times a day. Up to about 200 milligrams per day can be used to relieve morning sickness).

Always make sure you consult your doctor. He will tell you how much to use and whether the amount available in your prenatal vitamins should be counted as one of the doses. You can also learn more on this women’s health website.  The amount of b6 vitamins in prenatal supplements do vary so make sure that you are getting an adequate supply in your prenatal.

B6 Vitamins Go a Long Way

Apart from relieving morning sickness, vitamin b6 can also help your body to convert food (carbohydrates) into glucose (fuel), which is useful in producing energy. These vitamin b6 supplements, also known as vitamin B- complex, can also help your body metabolize proteins and fats. Vitamin B-complex is required by the body for healthy hair, skin, eyes and liver. They also help your nervous system work properly. It has been shown that 100 milligrams of vitamins b6 or less can ease morning sickness symptoms if taken daily. B6 for morning sickness has been recommended by many health caregivers.

As we speak, there is no drug approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), apart from b6 vitamins that can be used in treating morning sickness. You may not be advised by your healthcare provider to use medicines that prevent nausea unless you vomit severely and the vomit will not stop.