Traveling With A Newborn

Traveling With Your Newborn

Whether you are going on a short trip, or on a road trip that will take days with your newborn, there are some things that you need to know. That way you, your infant, and anybody who is traveling with you have a good trip. Continue reading to learn our tips for traveling with a newborn.

Tips For Traveling With A Newborn

Planning It Out

The first one of our tips for traveling with a newborn is to make a game plan. Before you head out on your adventure with your newborn, you need to make sure that you have everything planned out. This includes planning out your destination, such as where you will be staying so that there is no headache when you arrive. Planning ahead also means giving time to stop for breaks.

You could even go a step further to plan out your stops to save time and a hassle. Another great thing that you can do to better your trip is to research hotels along the way in case you need to make an emergency stop for the night.

To make your trip a lot easier you can have a close friend or a family member tag along on the trip. That way you can take turns with one person driving while the other persons sitting in the back watching and keeping the baby entertained.

Be Prepared

The next one of our tips for traveling with a newborn is to be prepared. When we talk about being prepared there are some things that you could do. One of the best things you can do to be prepared is to get everything ready the night before. This means getting all of your stuff packed along with everything that your newborn will need. Here are some things that you should pack along that you have easy access to:

  • Diapers, Wipes and a Changing Pad: You need to pack plenty of diapers in an easily reachable place for quick changes. You should also have some wipes at the ready to keep your baby, and your hands clean.
  • Food: When packing food for your newborn, you should pack either pre-portioned bottles of formula or breast milk in a cooler near your newborn. That way you have something to feed him with when you don’t have time to stop.
  • Toys: These can be anything that keeps your newborn entertained. You should also be sure to pack quite a few of these. That is because newborns can toss the toys and they can end up in a spot that you cannot reach.
  • Extra Items: There are also a few other things that you are going to want to pack. Some of these are an extra blanket, spare onesie, and some pacifiers. These can all be used to keep your baby happy while you travel.

Things For Yourself

Along with all of these items, you should also make sure that you pack things for yourself. You should be sure to pack entertainment for when the baby is sleeping, and even some snacks for yourself. You want to bring these because you do not want to have to stop and get food just as your newborn has fallen asleep. That way you can get in more driving time when they are sleeping.


It is also important to make sure that all of these items are within arms reach so you do not have to stop. With these tips, you can make traveling with a newborn just a little bit easier.

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