Top 10 Prenatal Vitamins That You Should Top Up On

Here Are The Top 10 Prenatal Vitamins You Should Look For

Perhaps you are considering taking some prenatal supplements, and want to make sure that you choose ones that have all of your pregnancy needs covered. However, different top 10 prenatal vitamins make varying recommendations and that may leave you even more confused when trying to find the best deal for your unborn baby. You really don’t have to take chances with your personal health and that is why we recommend reading through our comprehensive list of high-quality liquid prenatals so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Folic Acid

You can use this important ingredient to enhance your pregnancy and to promote the healthy development of your child. Apart from taking prenatal supplements, indulging in foods like spinach, egg noodles and beef liver may also increase levels of folic acid in your body.

Top 10 Prenatal Vitamins


It is not a good idea to run short of iron while pregnant. Even though you may not have your menstruations during this time, there is still a need to increase your iron intake because your blood system needs it.


Calcium is a very vital mineral that your body needs badly during pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. This mineral is important in ensuring the healthy development of body cells and organs in your baby during its first 9 months.


Riboflavin is one of the most important top 10 prenatal vitamins when dealing with fatigue and depletion that is typical of a pregnancy. Besides that, it is needed in the baby’s development of muscles and nerves. A routine dose of liquid prenatals could be of great benefit to your pregnancy’s health.


Niacin is also commonly known as Vitamin B3 – and a part of the Vitamin B family. Normally, niacin deficiency is a common occurrence in all three trimesters of pregnancy and it is, therefore, important to stock up on prenatal supplements of this kind as often as possible.

6.Vitamin B12

This is another of the top 10 prenatal vitamins family members that your body may need more during pregnancy. Lack of this vitamin may cause the baby to cry more often or lack sleep once born.

  1. Thiamine

This one of the most crucial prenatal supplements in the body because it plays a central role in the development of the baby’s brain and nerves. Topping up on thiamine could go a long way in boosting your child’s current development and ability to excel in future undertakings.

8.Vitamin C

This is the healthy component that ensures your baby’s delicate cells are well protected and healthy especially during the initial stages of the pregnancy. In addition, this vitamin helps your baby absorb iron (yet another mineral that’s required for healthy development) so be sure to find some liquid prenatals that are rich in this Vitamin.


Zinc is at the core of our DNA formation and therefore as an expectant mother you need to take more of it. Regular use of liquid prenatals that are rich in zinc can boost the baby’s cell growth and enhance the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

10.Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids comprise of polyunsaturated chains that are essential for health and development. Unfortunately, these are not synthesized by the body and therefore you need to obtain them through supplementation.

Final Word

In order to have a healthy pregnancy, you will need to maintain a healthy balance of these vitamins in your body. However, the typical American diet is greatly lacking in most of them. That why it is important to use a selection of the top 10 prenatal vitamins just to make sure your baby gets the best things in life.