Tips for losing that baby weight!

weight loss after pregnancyYou did you!  You made it through pregnancy, labor and delivery and now you have a beautiful baby to show for it.  Then comes that (dreaded) moment when you have to get dressed in “real” clothes only to find out that your pregnancy and pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit.  Today I’m going to share some tips for losing the baby weight you bring home from the hospital.


I think this tip may be more for me than anyone else, but it’s extremely important to remember that the extra weight you’re carrying took 9 months to accumulate, so you have to give it at least as long to disappear.  While 9 months may seem like an eternity, it will be better in the long run to lose your baby weight slowly versus using some sort of fad or crash diet to lose it quickly.  Most of the time those diets show “amazing” results quickly only to have you gaining back the weight (and usually more) when you’re done.


This is extremely important, especially if you’re nursing your new baby.  Keeping your body nourished steadily will help you avoid binging on unhealthy foods.  Eating healthy foods on a regular basis throughout the day will also help you to maintain your milk supply while nursing.


Once you get the okay from your doctor to start exercising, don’t try to run a marathon.  You need to remember that your body just carried and birthed a baby, but that being said, you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to NOT exercise.  Walking is a great form of exercise for new mommies and it’s easy to do with your new baby.  Pack up the stroller and head out, even just a few minutes a day can do wonders for your mood and your body!

It may seem like a never-ending battle, but you can lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy if you make smart choices and are consistent.  Eating healthy and finding ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine at the best ways to get your weight loss started.  Weight loss after pregnancy won’t be easy and may take some time, but don’t get discouraged you can get there!

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