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Things to Pack for the Hospital When Having a Baby

Having a baby is an exciting and wonderful part of life. A lot of things change, and it can feel overwhelming at times. Delivering a baby may feel daunting, especially for new mothers. Therefore, it is so important to prepare as much as possible beforehand. One of the first things on the list should be preparing the essentials for delivery. Here are some things to pack for the hospital when having a baby.

Things to Pack for You

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Packing for the baby is important, but do not forget that you are the one doing all the work. Do not forget to pack things to make your experience as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances.

A couple of changes of clothes – After delivering, you may want to change into clean and cuter clothes. You may have people coming to visit or taking pictures. Feeling a little cleaner and put together can help. You will also need a change of clothes for when you leave the hospital.

Toiletries – You will most likely be there longer than a day, so bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, lotion, deodorant, contacts, solution, or any other things you need to freshen up. Most hospitals provide soap and shampoo, but many people like to bring their own.

A bathrobe & slippers – Most women bring a bathrobe and slippers when they need to walk around the hospital. Some women even bring a nightgown and comfy socks. However, try not to bring anything you do not want stained.

Paperwork & ID’s – Bring your ID, insurance card, your doctor’s information, and any other medical records you may need.

Drinks & Food – Bring something to drink and few snacks to keep you energized.

Breast pump – If you decide not the breastfeed, do not forget to bring your pump with you. Most hospitals will provide bottles, but you can bring your own if you would like.

Things to Pack for Baby

A couple of outfits – Bring a couple of cute outfits you have been dying to dress your baby. Throw one or two extras in your bag in case of a diaper blow-out before you make it home. Hand mittens also come in handy to keep your baby from scratching themselves.

Car seat – It is important to have a car seat installed in your car before heading to the hospital. You will not be able to leave the hospital until it is installed.

A blanket – Your baby may get cold easily now. Do not forget to pack a blanket. Pack a thicker blanket if the weather is colder for the ride home.

Other Things You May Need

Phone & Charger– Bring a phone and a charger to help keep you distracted before delivery. You may also need it to call friends or family to let them know the big news.

Laptop or tablet – If it is going to be a while before your delivery, this may come in handy for watching movies to keep you both entertained and distracted.

Camera – You may want to take pictures after the baby is born. Do not forget to remind people to not take pictures or record if that is something you do not want. Many hospitals do not allow any recording anyway.

Birth plan – If you have one, do not forget to bring copies to pass them out to the staff.

Just remember to bring everything you need to feel comfortable. These are just the most common things to pack for the hospital when having a baby. Hospitals try to be as accommodating as possible. However, some things may not be allowed. Do not forget to also pack your bag a few weeks ahead of time. You never know exactly when your baby will decide to come, so it is important to be ready. Check out our article, Diaper Bag Essentials, for tips on what to carry in your diaper bad once your baby is born.