the benefits of folic acid for mothers

The Benefits of Folic Acid for Mothers

Folic acid is important for all mothers to take before pregnancy, during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding. If the mother is not healthy before, during, and after pregnancy, then there is a high chance that the baby will not get all of the nutrients it needs to fully develop properly. That is why it is important for every mother or soon-to-be mother to know the benefits of folic acid.


What is Folic Acid?

Folic acid is a synthetic, and more uncommon form of folate. Folic acid must be converted into folate in your body’s liver. Medical News Today recommends that mothers get 600 mg daily of folic acid during pregnancy and 500 mg daily while breastfeeding. Most prenatal supplements use synthetic folic acid. That is why it is important to carefully read the label to make sure that you get folate in your vitamins. Liquid Health Prenatal only uses 100% organic certified lemon-peel extract. This extract is a wholefood source of folate.

Who should take it?

Everyone should get folate in their daily diet. No matter if they are pregnant it is one of the thirteen essential vitamins our bodies need to be healthy. If you didn’t already know, Folate is also known as vitamin B9. It is especially important for expecting mothers or those who are breastfeeding to get extra amounts of folate because they lose some due to sharing their nutrients with the baby.

The benefits of folic acid

There are several amazing benefits that apply when taking folic acid supplements. The supplements help maintain a healthy body so that you and your child have the opportunity to be healthy through the pregnancy and after birth.  Folic acid helps ensure that the child is getting the nutrients that they need for proper development when the right amount of folic acid is available. It is also important to remember that folic acid supplements are not just for during pregnancy. However, they are also used before pregnancy to help get the mother’s body ready for the baby. It is also used after the child has been born and is breastfeeding. Doing this helps the mother supply the nutrients that the child needs for proper growth.

Where can you get it?

Some foods that are rich in vitamin B9, or folate are:

  • Asparagus
  • Lettuce
  • Oranges
  • Mangoes
  • Spinach
  • Many more!

There are also supplements that can help you get the nutrients you and your child need to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. Prenatal Liquid Vitamins are some of the best that a mother can get. If you are unsure about getting a liquid supplement we would advise you to read our previous article on Why Liquid Prenatal Vitamins are Superior.

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