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Prenatal Folate Liquid Supplement

Folic Acid: Why it’s so important

supplemental folic acidIf you’re pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, one of the most important things you can be taking for your baby is Folic Acid.  It is recommended that women who are trying to get pregnant should start taking 400mcg of Folic Acid at least 1 month before getting pregnant.  Because of the role that folic acid plays in the production of new, healthy cells it’s important that you start taking folic acid right away if you suspect you may be pregnant. Continue reading

Symptoms of Folate Deficiency

gotfolateWe all know about the importance of getting enough folate during pregnancy. Without proper folate intake during the early parts of pregnancy, you run the risk of your baby developing birth defects of the brain and spinal cord, known as neural tube defects. This is why it’s incredibly vital to make sure you’re getting at least 400mcg/day of folate throughout your pregnancy. Something to be aware of are the symptoms of folate deficiency, which you may develop without even knowing it. Continue reading

Importance Of Prenatal Vitamins Before Pregnancy

Liquid Prenatal VitaminWe all know that taking a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy is extremely important, not only for the health of your growing baby but for your own health and well being as well. Did you know that it’s also important to take a prenatal vitamin before conception happens? Some doctors actually recommend that all ladies of childbearing age take prenatal vitamins as their daily multi. Continue reading

5 Important Foods To Eat When Pregnant

salad closeup pregnant with juiceWhen you’re pregnant, it’s so important to make sure you’re getting adequate levels of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. One way to do this is by faithfully taking your prenatal vitamin. Another way is by getting most of your required nutrition from a healthy and balanced diet. Today we’re going to share 5 important foods to eat during your pregnancy. Continue reading