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Smells That Make Pregnant Women Sick

raw meat on table for smells that make pregnant women sickPregnancy changes a woman’s body is so many crazy and amazing ways. There is another human being growing inside of them, after all. Throughout pregnancy, women crave different types of food, even things that normally would be considered disgusting. One thing a lot of people do not always realize, however, is how sensitive a pregnant woman’s sense of smell is. There are so many smells that make pregnant women sick.

A woman’s sense of smell has been known to become stronger during pregnancy. There is little evidence that shows why this is or how true it is, but almost all women experience it at some point during their pregnancy. It usually only lasts throughout the first trimester, but it can continue throughout the entire pregnancy for some women.

Raw Meat – This is by far the most common smell that makes pregnant women sick to their stomachs. This includes raw and even cooked fish. Maybe avoid the deli section at the grocery store if this is the case. Also, having someone else cook while you hide in another room with your nose plugged is not a bad option.

Cooking Eggs – Most people already hate the smell of eggs being cooked. Image the smell of boiled or scrambled eggs when you are already feeling nauseous. Sounds awful, right? It smells awful!

The Fridge – This is not one many would expect, but the inside of the fridge makes some women nauseous. Maybe it is the combination of all the food or maybe they just needed to clean out their fridges. If you are planning on getting pregnant soon, one suggestion would be to clean your fridge out just in case.

Bad Breath – This one seems a little obvious, but apparently, it gets even worse. Keeping breath mints and gum readily available is always a good idea, especially when you’re pregnant.

Coffee – Whether the smell of coffee is bad is already split 50-50 in the world. It is one of the strongest smells out there, making it very hard to ignore.

Perfume – Hopefully, you do not have to sit by someone who has doused themselves in a strong perfume. Avoiding all beauty salons is not a bad idea either.

Bacon – This one does not make sense to most people. The smell of bacon is normally such a wonderful smell loved by many. However, many pregnant women who used to love the smell suddenly despise it.

Leather – Whether it is the smell of leather furniture or the inside of a car, many pregnant women for some reason cannot stand it. This is so far one of the most unusual smells that make pregnant women sick. Some feel sick just opening their car door.

With all these smells being so commonly found in homes and the public, it is no wonder pregnant women always feel so nauseous. Becoming aware of what makes you nauseous and finding ways to avoid them can make for a more enjoyable pregnancy. Check out our article, Foods Craved by Pregnant Women to learn more about women crave the things they while pregnant.

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