Relatable Pregnancy Moments

Women go through so much when they are pregnant. They truly all deserve gold medals. Pregnancy is beautiful and a miracle. However, there are a lot of not-so-beautiful moments as well. Here are a few relatable pregnancy moments almost every woman who has been pregnant will understand.

Losing your ankles

When pregnant, your body is producing more blood and other body fluids to soften your body to keep up with a growing baby. This results in swelling, which is a not-so-fabulous side effect many women experience during pregnancy.  Maybe this is the source of the famous barefoot and pregnant reference!

Can’t reach the floor

Throughout pregnancy, being able to touch the floor quickly becomes an impossible task.  You try touching your toes with a basketball strapped to your torso!

Weird Cravings

One of the weirdest, but not too uncommon craving while pregnant is dirt. Yes, dirt. Some of the most common cravings, however, are pickles, chocolate, ice cream, and meat, which aren’t bad at all!

Eating for two

The best excuse to eat as much as you want without feeling guilty. One cheeseburger for you and one for your baby, right?

Having to pee ALL. THE. TIME.

Roads trips are just out of the question while pregnant. Unless you plan on stopping at every exit for a bathroom break!

Too many emotions to handle

Life is already hard when pregnant without the raging hormones. Here are some hilarious things women have cried over while pregnant:
– Dead batteries in a T.V. remote
– Having to stop at too many red lights
– The airplane was all out of milk on the flight
– Blue cheese on a salad

Trying not to throw up

Avoiding nausea is almost impossible while pregnant. The world could be a little kinder by thinking about the sensitive stomachs of pregnant women all around.

Being pregnant is rough, but it’s comforting to know that almost every woman goes through these relatable pregnancy moments. Check out our article, Foods Craved by Pregnant Women and our Prenatal Multi for a healthier pregnancy.