preparing your pet for your newborn

Preparing Your Pet For The Arrival Of Your Newborn

Bringing home a newborn can be confusing, or even frightening for your dog. That is why we here at Prenatal Liquid Vitamin recommend that you start preparing your pet for your newborn early on. That way they are ready for that big day when you bring home your baby. Continue reading to learn more about preparing your pet for your newborn.

New Sounds & Smells

When your baby arrives they will bring a plethora of new sounds and smells along with them. These can be quite a hand full for your pup, especially if it is your first child with your dog in the house.

To get your dog accustomed to these new sounds you can prepare them by playing recordings of babies crying. This will help get them used to them crying and help not to startle them when it eventually happens.

To get your dog used to the new smells around the house you can let them sniff all of the products you are going to need ( lotion, powder, and diapers ). When your baby is born, but still at the hospital, you can bring home a blanket or article of clothing for your dog to sniff to get associated with the smell.

Change Their Routine Now

If you need to make changes to your dog’s daily life, such as setting new rules or switching up where they sleep, try to do this as early as possible so that your dog has the time to get used to it.

If you are trying to change up their sleeping spot, move their bed and when they are not looking place a few treats on it. That way they will go over and associate the new spot with a good experience.

When your baby arrives home, you will be spending a lot less time with your dog. Especially if this is your first child. To get your dog used to not having as much attention you should start spending less and less time with them so that when the baby does come, they do not feel like you have cut them off.

Invite Friends Over

Inviting friends who have children of their own can be very beneficial for when you bring your own child home. Not only will it allow your pet to get used to having a child in the house, but it can also allow them to get used to having a lot of visitors over. If they are responding aggressively you may want to get a professional to help you help your dog feel less threatened.

Visit The Vet

One of the most important things you can do when preparing your pet for your newborn is to visit the vet. It is important because you need to make sure that they are healthy and are all up to date on their vaccinations.


When preparing your pet for the arrival of your newborn you should always remember no matter how many kids or different pets you have, you need to prepare them as soon as possible.