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Popular Baby Names of 2019

New babies are born every year and every baby receives a name. As the times change, so do the commonly used names. Here are the most popular baby names of 2019. These are the kids who will most likely have more than one person in their classes at school with the same name. Also, check out our prenatal liquid vitamins. Our vitamins are in liquid form for better absorption of the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy baby.

Girls’ Names

Sophia – This is the most popular girls’ name for the year 2019. The Greek origin of the name means “wisdom”.

Olivia – The first thing that probably pops into the minds of many is the pig on a popular kids’ show. However, the Latin origin of the name is “olive tree”.

Emma – It seems like this name has always been popular. It is timeless. The name is derived from a Germanic word “ermen”, which means “universal”.

Ava – One of the shortest names on this list, its Latin origin means “life”.

Aria – This name sounds like it belongs to a princess character in some fantasy book. The name is even commonly used for both males and females, depending on the country. It also has many different origins and meanings. Some of the meanings include “air”, “treasure”, and “noble”.

Isabella – This name is a variation of Elizabeth. The Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish origins all mean “pledged to God”.

Amelia – Name your daughter after the brave Amelia Earhart. The Latin meaning of the name is “industrious” and “striving”.

Mia – The origin of this name is both Italian and Spanish and means “mine”.

Riley – This name is Irish and derived from a longer name which means “valiant”. The name is commonly used for both males and females.

Aaliyah – This name derived from an Arabic name, “Ali”. It means “exalted” and in Hebrew means “to rise, ascend”.

Boys’ Names

Liam – This has been a popular boy’s name for quite a few years. The name is Irish and means “resolute protection”.

Jackson – The name is European. The meaning of the name means “son of Jack”. Probably the most straight forward meaning so far.

Noah – After the movie “The Notebook” this name suddenly got very popular. Most sources say that the name means “rest” and “comfort”.

Aiden – This is another Irish name. The origin of it means “little fire”.

Grayson – Kind of like Jackson, this English name means “son of the grey-haired one”.

Caden – This name is taken from an Irish and Scottish last name, “McCadden”. Its Arabic origin means “friend” and the Welsh origin means “spirit of battle”.

Lucas – This name has many origins. Most sources say that the name means “luminous”.

Elijah – This is an old Hebrew name and means “Jehovah is God”.

Oliver – This is pretty much the male version of the name Olivia. Just like Olivia, the name means “olive tree”.

Muhammad – This name is especially popular in the Muslim world. The Arabic name means “to praise”.

If you are expecting a baby in the next year, consider the popularity of these names. If you want your child to have a more unique name, avoiding any on this list of popular baby names of 2019 is best.