nutrient-rich foods for breastfeeding

Nutrient-Rich Foods for Breastfeeding Mothers

There are a lot of nutrient-rich foods for breastfeeding mothers. Some are better than others for many reasons. This could be because of any health risks that the food has, or the other option just has more nutrients. Either way, all breastfeeding mothers should aim to get these nutrient-rich foods into their diet. Continue reading to learn more about some nutrient-rich foods for breastfeeding mothers.

There are a lot of good foods to eat when breastfeeding. However, there are some foods that provide a lot more nutrients than others. It is important to get these so that you and your newborn child are getting the right amount of nutrients.

Food’s Effect on Breastfeeding

What you eat plays an important role in breastfeeding. That is because your newborn baby gets the nutrients it needs from the breast milk your body produces. The milk gets its nutrients from all of the foods that you’re ingesting.

Eating a wide variety of foods while breastfeeding is very important because it will allow your child to gain exposure to new flavors through your breast milk. With this exposure, the baby can be used to the taste of certain foods. This can make switching to solid foods a lot easier with just a little effort.

Even if you are trying to lose some of that excess baby weight, it is crucial to get around 450-500 more calories each day to help ensure that you and your newborn are both well-nourished. Here is our list of nutrient-rich foods for breastfeeding mothers.

Nutrient-Rich Foods:


Avocados are a great source of B vitamins, vitamin C,  vitamin E, vitamin K, folate and potassium. In addition to all of these vitamins, avocados can also provide heart-healthy fats and can keep you feeling full. One great way to eat avocados is by slicing them up and putting them on whole-grain toast.


Nuts are known to contain many nutrients that are beneficial to the mother and child. Almonds are a great choice because they offer a non-dairy source of calcium. Although it is important to know to stay away from ant nuts if your family has a history of nut allergies to help ensure the safety of your newborn.


Fish such as salmon is an excellent source of protein and is also rich in vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also one of the few natural sources of vitamin D. It is important to stay away from fish such as Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, Tuna, and Tilefish because these species have been known to contain high levels of mercury.


Although it is technically not a food, water is important for every breastfeeding mother. It keeps you from being dehydrated, which can happen a lot when breastfeeding. A great tip is to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and to drink a glass of water right before breastfeeding.

Prenatal Vitamins

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