newborn sleeping tips

Getting Your Newborn To Fall Asleep

Newborn babies do not have a regular sleep cycle until they are around 6 months old. They tend to sleep for 16 or 17 hours each day and each sleep session is around 1 to 2 hours long. Chances are your newborn will be the same, and you’ll want to try to get them to sleep more during the night. Continue reading to learn about some newborn sleeping tips.

Where Should They Sleep?

When it comes to where your newborn baby should sleep, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Your newborn should not sleep in the same bed as you. The reason is to prevent your baby from suffocating. says that “bed-sharing is the most common cause of death in babies, especially those 3 months and younger.” You can hold them to feed them if needed, but you need to put them back in their own crib. The crib can be in the same room as you, as long as it still meets current safety standards.

Crib Safety Standards

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reminds parents of newborns to inspect their child’s crib. The crib should have:

  • A tight-fitting mattress so your newborn cannot get stuck
  • No missing or improperly installed screws, brackets, etc.
  • No more than the width of a soda can (2 3/8 inches between the crib slats. This is to keep your baby’s head from getting stuck.

For a full list of safety standards for cribs, you can visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website here. Check out this article to learn about Baby-Proofing Your Home.

Newborn Sleeping Tips

Bedtime Routine

The first of our newborn sleeping tips is to have a bedtime routine. While your baby’s sleep schedule will change over time, having a bedtime routine and sticking to it can make this time easier for you and your newborn. You should start setting a routine around the time that your baby is 4 to 6 months old. Here is a simple bedtime routine that you could follow:

  • Wind down any playtime
  • Turn off electronic devices
  • Bathe baby in warm water
  • Give newborn a pacifier
  • Sing or listen to soft music
  • Read a bedtime story

March Of Dimes, a United States non-profit organization that has worked to improve the health of mothers and babies for over 80 years, says to “Stick to your baby’s sleep routine as much as you can. Plan ahead if your baby’s routine may need a temporary change, like if you are going out of town.”

Sleeping Environment

The next one of our newborn sleeping tips is to have the ideal sleep environment. Having the ideal sleeping environment for your newborn can be just as important as having a set bedtime routine. According to Sleep Advisor, experts recommend temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Another thing to make sure that you do is to avoid overheating your baby. Even if the temperature is fine, your baby might be hot due to their pajama, blankets, or many stuffed animals around them.

Another thing to check for in your baby’s sleep environment is the lighting. You want to keep it dark in the room to make it easier for your newborn to sleep. tells parents to consider plugging in a very dim nightlight as it “May soothe a child who is afraid of the pitch black and help him or her see the familiar, comforting surroundings.”

Getting Them To Fall Asleep

To get your newborn to fall asleep there are a few things you should do. The first thing is to make sure that they are ready to sleep and are tired. Some signs include yawning, rubbing eyes and fussing. When you see these signs you should prepare for them to go to bed.

Getting your baby to fall asleep on their own will make your life a lot easier. explains how to do this by “putting him in his crib when he’s drowsy but awake.” At first, your newborn will cry for a bit, but this is okay. Give him a few minutes to settle in and you will come to find that they might have already fallen asleep. If not, you can give them a pacifier to help.

Mid-Night Wake-Ups

No one likes to wake up in the middle of the night to deal with an upset baby. However, most, if not all parents are going to have to deal with it. To make life easier, don’t immediately go into their room.  Give it a little time and see if the problem resolves itself. If they continue crying after a few minutes, go in and try to figure out what is wrong without turning on a light or making too much noise.

 How To Get More Sleep For Yourself

Even though this is technically not one of the newborn sleeping tips, it is important that you get enough sleep so you can take care of your baby. It is important to make sure that you are getting enough sleep as well as your newborn. There are a few ways to do this. The first being to simply sleep when your newborn does. Secondly, you can ask your partner or family member to take turns in the night to take care of the baby. Finally, if you have trusted visitors over, you can ask them to take care of your baby while you take a 15-30 minute nap.


There are many great newborn sleeping tips. Following these can allow for you and your newborn to get the rest that you deserve. Be sure to check out our website to learn all about our Prenatal Liquid Vitamin.