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Most Recommended Birthing Classes

Giving birth is a big deal and there are a lot of methods for going about it. Birthing classes are available for women and even their partners to prepare and learn about giving birth. They may seem silly to some, but birthing classes are very informative and strive to ease the nerves of expecting mothers. Here are some of the most recommended birthing classes. There are many different options for giving birth and every woman has her idea of the perfect birth scenario.


This is the most common method of giving birth. It was started in the ’50s by an obstetrician named Ferdinand Lamaze. This class teaches breathing techniques, massage, movement, hydrotherapy, and promotes natural childbirth. The class is not completely against a medicated childbirth. It mainly encourages you to avoid it if possible. The class also encourages you to have a birthing partner. It will provide tips for them to be able to encourage you during labor and delivery and be aware of what you need.


This birthing class encourages women to have a positive experience while giving birth. Many women tend to focus on the pain and what can go wrong during childbirth. HypnoBirthing, however, teaches women to feel calm during the pain of labor. Women will not feel less pain using this method. However, it helps women cope with the pain. HypnoBirthing consists of a series of classes that teach women how to relax. Women are not in any trance, but it is more of a self-hypnosis. There is a lot of information out there about the pain of labor and delivery. Hypnobirthing classes simply teach that labor and delivery do not have to be as painful as the world makes it out to be. However, many women who use this method for childbirth may still end up using pain medication or an epidural.

Bradley Method

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This method of childbirth focuses on the importance of a birthing coach and why you should avoid all medications. The doctor who discovered this approach lived on a farm and noticed how animals were able to give birth more easily than humans. At the time, women were given dangerous drugs to help ease the pain. This caused women to feel panicked, confused, or even lose consciousness. Many women even died or could not remember giving birth. The classes also cover the importance of proper nutrition and exercise during pregnancy.

These are some of the most recommended birthing classes available. The methods used are some of the safest and most common among women nowadays. Finding a method that works and is comfortable for you as the mother is most important. The birthing classes you choose can even help you with creating your birth plan for the day of your baby’s arrival. To learn more about birth plans, read our article here.