Morning Sickness Starts

Morning sickness starts at different times of the pregnancy depending on the woman’s hormones since pregnancies are different. You are likely to feel queasy when you wake up when morning sickness starts. Although it’s commonly known as morning sickness, nausea can strike at any part of the day. It is mostly felt in the morning since at this moment the tummy is empty. At this stage, certain smells may make you feel nauseous. You may also feel some tiredness in the morning that may last the whole day. Here are some ways of dealing with morning sickness when it strikes.

Be Conscious about Your Meals When Morning Sickness Starts

When morning sickness starts, it’s important to keep a good track of your meals. Take little meals many times at small intervals. This is because an empty stomach triggers nausea. You may consider having your breakfast in bed. It is also advisable to feed on foods rich in proteins and food rich in vitamin B. Avoid spicy foods as they are likely to trigger nausea. The smell of cooking food may be upsetting, so you may opt to eat cold food until your morning sickness phase is over.

Ensure You Get Enough Rest and Your Body is Feeling Relaxed

Ensure you get enough sleep to avoid tiredness and stress. These two factors worsen the sickness. It is, therefore, advisable to reschedule your activities once the morning sickness starts to eliminate the demanding tasks that may cause stress or require a lot of energy to handle. You may also consider booking a therapy session to relax your body. Therapies such as aromatherapy and reflex therapy may help ease the sickness. Make sure you research fully before booking an appointment to ensure that you get quality specialized therapy for pregnant women.

Make Good Use of Lemons

When you start experiencing morning sickness, you become very sensitive to the scents around you. Most of the scents become very upsetting and cause nausea. It is impossible to avoid some of this scents as it may be that colon your workmate is using. To deal with such smells sniff fresh lemons. You can also slice lemons and add them to sparkling water or iced tea. This may help ease nausea. 

Sharing With Friends

It is important to open up and talk about your experience with your friends and people around you. Sharing helps you to come to terms with the idea of having a new being growing inside of you. This helps you in feeling that morning sickness is not a bad experience because it’s worth it. It is also important to share with your partner and let them know that you may need them to make some adjustments to make it easier for you. For instance, the spray they are using, the scented soap you have been using or their breath after taking a certain snack may be upsetting you. Sharing with them and asking them to consider little changes eases the sickness. When you comfortable it makes everyone around you feel better.

Track Your Nausea

When morning sickness starts, it may seem random at first. However keeping a diary on your morning sickness will help you realize that the nausea is not unsystematic. On keeping track of your sickness, you may realize that it comes at certain times of the day. This records may help you avoid the circumstances that make you feel queasy. For example, you may decide to have your lunch outside the office if the smell of the different aromas everyone is taking is upsetting.

Carry A Kit

It is not easy to get used to the idea of puking in public even now and then. It can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. It is, therefore, important to have a personal kit once the morning sickness starts. Here include some snack that you may eat when you begin feeling your stomach is empty, include some lemonade to sip in case you bump on some irritating smell. Also, carry an extra blouse in case you accidentally mess the one you wearing. Last but not least include a paper bag for cases that you unable to hold the puck to the bathroom and some mints to freshen the breath or better even a toothpaste and a toothbrush.