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Hospital Vs. Birthing Center Delivery

Giving birth is one of the most important and hardest moments of any woman’s life. The life of both the women and her baby are on the line and should receive the safest and most comfortable care. Some of the most common places to give birth are either in a hospital or in a birthing center. Here is a closer look at a hospital vs. birthing center delivery.


Overall, birthing centers are usually cheaper than a hospital. Some are even thousands of dollars cheaper. However, some birthing centers do not accept insurance while almost every hospital does. The nice thing is that they both provide options for prenatal care. To learn more about prenatal care throughout pregnancy, read our article, “Prenatal Testing By Trimester“.


When it comes to the safety of the mother and her baby, a hospital is the best option. Hospitals provide all the medical equipment needed for emergencies. Birthing centers do not provide emergency care. Women transport to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency cesarean. Some birthing centers are attached to a hospital, but not all. If a woman were also to need an epidural, she would need to be transported to a hospital since birthing centers do not provide them. Hospitals, however, can be full of illness and the risk of mother and baby getting an infection is higher.

Privacy & Comfort

When it comes to privacy and comfort, a birthing center is more willing to cater to your needs. Most birthing centers provide private rooms with a bed, a tub, and showers. To help mothers feel calm and comfortable, birthing centers are designed to look and feel like a home. Hospitals, on the other hand, are simple and provide a single bed with a very impersonal feel. There is privacy during delivery. However, before and after delivery, women must share a room with more than one mother. Some hospitals do provide tubs and showers, but it is not as common as a birthing center.


When it comes to supporting, there is a difference between a hospital vs. birthing center delivery. Hospitals are very strict about the number of people allowed in the room during the birth. Some friends and family may not be allowed. Most hospitals allow a certified midwife and a doula to help during a delivery. Birthing centers provide care from a doula and usually allow whoever the parents want in the room during delivery.