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Guide to Visitors After Giving Birth

Having a baby is a huge and important moment in life. You are bringing a new life into the world and people will most likely want to be a part of it. It can also be an exhausting and overwhelming time. Following a guide to visitors after giving birth will help make things easier for you and your newborn.

Let People Know Ahead of Time

Giving your friends and family the game plan before you go into labor will help control the chaos. Telling people “no” before they form their plans and show up will make things a lot easier for you. Many women struggle with persistent mother-in-law’s that want to be there for the birth of their son’s child. Most women are not comfortable having them there. Decide beforehand who you want in the room during and after birth. Do not be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. They will recover. You must do whatever makes labor and delivery most comfortable. You can even let the hospital staff know who is welcome and who is not and let them deal with it for you.

Give Visitors Tasks

If they are not helpful, they are not welcome. You will need more help than ever right after giving birth. If you are ok with it, let them help! Many new mothers write out to-do lists for friends and family that come to stay or visit with them. Giving people tasks may even discourage visitors from overstaying their welcome.

Safety for Baby

visitor holding newborn babyIt’s ok if you do not want your newborn baby to be passed around. People need to respect your decision to want to keep your baby close to you. Visitors make many new mothers nervous since their babies cannot be vaccinated for a few more weeks. Especially since illness is extremely dangerous and even life-threatening for newborns. This means that people who are sick or getting over a cold, flu, etc. should not visit. Make sure that all visitors wash their hands before coming near or holding your baby as well. Remember that under no circumstances should anyone kiss your baby (as much as aunts and grandmas will want to).

Have a Gatekeeper

This is can be your mom or even your partner. Chances are your child’s father may be feeling left out, so giving him something to do may help him. It can be especially helpful to have him soothe things over with in-laws you do not feel comfortable with having there. Having a gatekeeper can also help you and your partner bond with your baby just the three of you.

Relax and Enjoy the Moment

While rules need to be set for visitors, it is important to also relax and enjoy the time. Obsessing over every detail will only make you more exhausted than you already are. Someone may stay a few minutes longer than you wanted or not be as helpful as you would like and that’s ok. This time is exciting for them too. Remember to appreciate that you have people who love you and your new baby. Following this guide to visitors after giving birth will hopefully make things run smoother. Do not forget to also check out our article, Things to Pack to the Hospital When Having a Baby, so you are better prepared.