Guide to Exercising While Pregnant

A common concern for many pregnant women is exercise. Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? The bottom line is that it is safe, but some precautions should be taken. Following a guide to exercising while pregnant will ensure a healthier and safer pregnancy.

Avoid Anything Too Strenuous

Although a baby is very well-protected inside the body, pregnant women should still be careful. Not all forms of exercise are recommended. Exercise or sports that may cause them to fall or slam into anything should be avoided. They should avoid any extensive jumping, hopping, or even small bouncing. Doing this could lead to premature labor. One other type of exercise pregnant women should avoid is anything that involves twisting at the waist. It is also important to avoid exhaustion.

Another thing to avoid is hot and humid weather. Since the body is already working hard, it can easily become overheated. Some symptoms of overheating are warm skin, muscle cramps, dizziness, or even a headache. Pregnant women need to pay attention to these signs and make sure they are doing what they can to stay cool and hydrated. Some other things to avoid are holding the breath for extended periods. For example, when swimming underwater.

Safe Exercise

rolling yoga mat in guide to exercising while pregnant

Those who did not exercise before they were pregnant should take it slow and easy. The American Pregnancy Association recommends starting with walking because it is safe and easy on the body. Another safe exercise is swimming. Swimming helps keep the body cool while still working out the muscles.  However, keep in mind what was mentioned earlier about holding the breath for long periods.

A popular choice of exercise when pregnant is yoga. This practice stretches and strengthens the muscles while also not being too hard on the body. Yoga also helps reduce stress. Healthcare providers recommend women avoid stress, so yoga is a great choice. Most techniques of yoga are safe for pregnant women. However, harder techniques like hot yoga should be avoided. Another recommendation is squatting.

Overall, exercise while pregnant is safe and recommended. It is important to remember to stay hydrated and not work too hard. Following a guide to exercising while pregnant will help prevent any danger and harm to both the mom and the baby. Check out our prenatal liquid vitamin supplements for women who are expecting and see if they are a good fit for you and your baby.


Exercise During Pregnancy