Pizza slices with garnish is a pregnancy craving

Foods Craved By Pregnant Women

Everyone has cravings, sudden urges to eat certain types of food, but pregnancy cravings can be a whole other beast. According to recent studies as many as 50-90% have very specific food cravings. Along with food cravings, many pregnant women have also developed a sudden dislike for certain foods.

There are many theories as to why pregnancy cravings are so prominent.  Some believe it has to do with changing hormone levels altering the way women smell and taste food.  Others think it is linked to deficiencies these women may have in certain vitamins and minerals.  It’s an interesting theory, but there is little scientific research to support it.

Whatever the cause, pregnancy cravings are a real thing!  And man can they get weird! Sometimes they might just be for comfort foods from childhood and other times they can seem totally random and crazy like pickles with ice cream. Check out our list of some of the top foods craved by women:

Top Foods Craved By Pregnant Women

Sweet Foods:

Who doesn’t crave a nice sugary snack every once in a while.  Sweet foods such as ice cream, chocolate, and candy are some of the foods that are craved the most by pregnant women. This could be the result of a drop in blood sugar or you might just need to get in some more carbs and calories.  A good way to combat these cravings is to eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.

Dairy Products:

Foods such as cheese, ice cream,  sour cream are other common cravings. Anything dairy!  how many tv shows have you seen depicting the classic ice cream craving in the middle of the night?Dairy is a great source of calcium and other nutrients that your body needs, but there are definitely superior and healthier options.  All things in moderation.  A bowl of ice cream here and there isn’t gonna kill you, its good for the soul!  But it’s never a bad idea to look at dairy free alternatives and make sure you’re keeping a balanced diet.

Savory Foods:

Although cravings for savory foods aren’t as rampant as some previously mentioned, they’re widespread enough to be getting attention. Studies have shown that these cravings are the strongest in the first trimester with the cravings slowly declining in the later trimesters. Foods like pizza, chips, and pickles are all examples of cravings.

Fast Food:

Fast food cravings such as Pizza or Chinese cuisine can fall into the category of comfort foods or  maybe just wanting something quick and easy so you can get off your feet! Either way, its a good idea to look for healthier fast food options if that’s what you’re craving and try to keep it to a minimum for the health of you, your baby, and your wallet.

Nonfood Cravings:

There’s another strange phenomenon where pregnant women suddenly start craving non-food items like ice, soils, clay, and laundry detergent or corn starch.  Sounds crazy, but there may be a reason behind it.  Some people seem to think that these cravings may point to deficiencies in certain vitamins and nutrients like iron or zinc.  A word you may have heard before in relation to these cravings is Pica.  Pica is actually an eating disorder that is defined by a person eating non-food items with no nutritional value at an age where it’s not really appropriate.  Your toddler eating dirt is totally different than your pregnant 30 year old sister snacking in the flower bed.  If you are craving non-food items it could actually be dangerous and it’s important bring it up in your next doctors visit.


When it comes to pregnancy cravings it can be hard not to cave in. You’re body is creating new life though so go easy on yourself!  Satisfy those cravings here and there, but make sure you’re also getting a significant amount of the healthy stuff.  Whole foods, fruits and veggies, grains, protein, etc.  A healthy and balanced diet is super important in all stages of life, but can be especially difficult and important in this one.  A prenatal vitamin is a necessity in making sure you get all the nutrients you and your baby need, check out this article for more information on the importance of prenatal vitamins.