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What Causes Morning Sickness and How do I Beat It?

What Causes Morning Sickness

It is unknown what causes morning sickness in pregnant women, although it is possible that a combination of factors could be responsible. What causes morning sickness is most likely due to the fast changes occurring in your body due to your pregnancy.

Are Hormones What Causes Morning Sickness?

The increased hormone levels can be a major influence on what causes morning sickness because your body is not used to it. The hormone progesterone causes the smooth muscles in your body to relax this includes the muscles in your digestive system. When the muscles in you digestive system relax it can cause slow digestion which leads to an excess of acid in your stomach causing nausea.

One of the main causes of heartburn in a pregnant woman is the ring that closes off the esophagus from the stomach relaxes. This causes acid to seep into the esophagus causing heartburn. Heartburn can often make nausea worse. This is worse when you lay flat. When you are lying flat, it makes it easier for the acid to seep into the esophagus.

Another hormone thought to cause morning sickness is Estrogen, the female hormone. Estrogen increases during early pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone beta HCG is thought to be the main cause of morning sickness but it is still unknown as to why this is. This hormone is related to the placenta and its development during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

It is also thought that women who have “weak stomach” will have it worse during the first three months. This is because of bacteria in the stomach called helicobacter pylori. No one knows exactly why this bacteria has anything to do with morning sickness. An increased sense of smell can be the culprit at times. When you are pregnant it seems that everything that has a smell smells ten times stronger and often makes you gag.

Vitamin B Deficiency

Some studies have shown that a vitamin B deficiency may also cause morning sickness, but the studies are not 100% conclusive. They found that taking the vitamin B6 could ease morning sickness. Taking multivitamins before and during pregnancy seem to ease or prevent morning sickness.

Low Blood Pressure & Low Blood Sugar

Other things such as low blood sugar and low blood pressure are also thought to have something to do with morning sickness. Low blood sugar usually happens in the morning because you have not eaten all night. You should snack throughout the day to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Low blood pressure can make you feel nauseated even when you are not pregnant but even worse when you are because of the relaxing effect the hormone progesterone causes.

Electrolyte Imbalance

In studying what causes morning sickness.  It seems that morning sickness gest worse when there is an electrolyte imbalance. Getting sick and not eating much because nausea tends to only make the imbalance worse. Unfortunately, there are many women who tend to experience this vicious circle during what is supposed to be the happiest months of their life.

Stress And Morning Sickness

Stress may also be a factor in causing morning sickness.  Check out this website to learn more about pregnancy and morning sickness.  Even though what causes morning sickness may still be a mystery, these theories may shed light on how to help you battle and beat this discomforting part of your pregnancy.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Liquid Prenatal Vitamins Before Conception and After

Prenatal vitamins before conception, pregnancy vitamins, liquid prenatal vitamins and other postnatal vitamins are very important for both mother and the baby. There are three key times every woman should consider taking prenatal vitamins. The first one is right before pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins before conception may not necessarily increase the chances of getting pregnant, but you will have all that you need once you conceive. Therefore, your embryo will have a better nutritional foundation right from conception.

The other key time of taking pregnancy vitamins is after conception. The baby solely depends on the mother for food and nutrients. Therefore, the mother should eat well. After conception, the body goes through various hormonal changes, and, therefore, the expectant require a special diet that will provide the highly demanded nutrients. Apart from eating foods that have a lot of nutrients and engaging in some little exercises, liquid prenatal and pregnancy vitamins are very important in setting a solid base for your expectancy period.

The third key time is during breastfeeding. The baby still depends on you for food and nutrients. Therefore, it is prudent to continue supplementing your diet with pregnancy vitamins alongside postnatal vitamins to meet the nutritional requirements for your baby.
The Following Are Major Benefits of Taking Liquid Prenatal Vitamins before Conception

1. Source of Calcium
Calcium minerals play a major role in the development of the bones, nails and teeth of the baby and other body cells. Furthermore, calcium promotes development and proper functioning of some systems in the body such as cardiovascular system. Prenatal vitamins are the great source of calcium. You can as well consume other calcium-rich foods alongside pregnancy vitamins.

2. Source of Folic Acid
Expectant mothers need to maintain a standard or recommended level of folic acid throughout their pregnancy period. Folic acid plays a major role in the development of the baby by preventing birth defects. Therefore, it is very important to supplement your diet with liquid prenatal vitamins before pregnancy, after conception and after birth.

3. Source of Iron
It is important to note that increasing blood flow during pregnancy and menstruation increases the demand of iron in your body. The placenta as well will require a good amount of iron, therefore, straining further your iron reserves. Consuming prenatal vitamins before conception and after conception provides you with the right amount of irons to your body and the baby.

4. Source of Niacin
Niacin is an important nutrient that any expectant mother never wishes to miss or run short of during the entire pregnancy period. However, you can reduce its consumption after delivery, and this is one of the reasons why you are recommended to commence using postnatal supplements. Niacin minerals are also referred to as B3 vitamins; meaning that it falls under vitamin B family that promotes the growth and development of the body in several ways.

5. Riboflavin
Riboflavin does not only help your baby grow healthy in the womb by giving the vitamins required but also makes you stronger and make you feel less fatigued and depleted. It also boosts the growth of muscles and nerves of the baby. Unlike other types of vitamins such as vitamin D, riboflavin cannot be built by your body, therefore you need to supplement on a daily basis. Pregnancy vitamins and liquid prenatal vitamins are great sources of riboflavin and can be taken alongside other types of foods without any problem.

6. Source Thiamine
Pregnancy vitamins are also a great source of thiamine which promotes various functions in the body that ensures a healthy pregnancy. They are part of the vitamin B family that plays a major role in the healthy growth and development of the body. Besides that, thiamine promotes the development of the brain and nerves of the baby. Shortage of these important minerals will lead to developmental problems for your baby. Liquid prenatal vitamins ensure good physical health of the baby

7. Source Vitamin B12
Pregnancy vitamins are a great source of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 has been proved to have a direct impact on the general behavior of kids once they are born. For instance, those babies who did not receive enough amount of vitamin B12 while in the womb are said to be sleepless and ever crying as compared to those who had enough supply of these vitamins. However, you do not need to overdo this since an excess of these vitamins may not have any impact to your body.

If you intend to conceive or you think there are higher chances of getting pregnant, it is important to consult your doctor to ensure that whatever vitamins you are taking meets the need of your diet.

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