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Baby Shower Games that Aren’t Boring

Baby showers are such an exciting time for new mothers. For the guests, however, it is not always the most enjoyable get together. Many people plan the same baby shower games. I’m sure we have all played the game, “Don’t Say the Word Baby”. It can get old. Of course, baby showers are not for the guests. They are for the new mother. However, here are some baby shower games that aren’t boring to keep your guests entertained.

Guess Who

This game may be a little repetitive. However, your guests are likely to enjoy it. It gives them a chance to show off their baby pictures and see how little everyone once was. To play, have your guests bring a baby picture of themselves to give to the host. The host will then number each photo with a label and place them out for everyone to see. The guests will then write down what name they believe belongs to each numbered image.

Onesie Decorating Contest

When your guests arrive, have them pick up a blank onesie to decorate. Set up tables and chairs for them with things like glitter glue, fabric markers, and paint. This will give them something fun to do while they chat, eat, or do whatever during the baby shower.

Time Capsule

This one is a little unique and requires some planning for your guests. Have your guests bring anything for a time capsule for the baby to open years down the line. They can bring sweet notes, funny stories about the parents, trinkets, money, etc. Put everything into the box and give it to the mother to keep until it is time to open it.

Cupcake Decorating Contest

Bake cupcakes for each guest and have them decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, and other treats. Before everyone eats them, have the mom-to-be choose the winner.

Popular Baby Names

This one is a little unique and may be hard for some people. Have everyone guess and write down the most popular names of babies for each period or year. Whoever guesses the most popular baby names wins.

Painted Alphabet Blocks

When each guest arrives, give them a plain wooden block and a letter. Have them decorate a block with that letter and craft paint during the baby shower. By the end of the baby shower, the mom-to-be may have the entire alphabet for her baby.

Guess What Age

decorated table at a baby shower

This is another picture game! Put up pictures of the mom and dad throughout the years and have guests guess what age they were in each picture. This makes it fun for people to see what the baby could look like.

There are so many baby shower games that aren’t overdone or boring. These are only a few of the games people have enjoyed at baby showers. Keep in mind that not everyone likes the same things. Many people do not like games that put them on the spot. Others may want to move around more. Knowing your guest list will help you decide what games people will enjoy. To help decide what food a mom-to-be might like at her baby shower, check out our article, “Foods Craved by Pregnant Women”.