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Baby Registry Must-Haves

Having a baby is such an exciting part of life. You are creating a new member of the family to love, care for, and enjoy. It can also become overwhelming – and expensive. Luckily, many women have baby showers before the arrival of their little one. It is a time for friends and family to shower the family with gifts for their newborn. These wonderful get-togethers save the family time, money, and a lot of stress. Here are some baby registry must-haves that every new mother should consider adding to her registry.

Car Seat – this is one of the most important items, if not the most important item for your baby registry. Before you can bring your newborn home from the hospital, you will need an infant car seat properly installed in the back seat of your car. This will be one of the first things you will need when your baby is born. Check out our article, “Things to Pack for the Hospital When Having a Baby”.

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Crib – Your baby will need a place to sleep. Many newborns sleep near their parents for the first few months for safety reasons. After that, they will need their crib, mattress, mattress protector, and sheets.

Bottles – Whether you are breastfeeding, pumping, or using formula, you will need bottles. Make sure you have supplies for cleaning the bottles as well.

Burp cloths and bibs – Newborns are messy. They spit up a LOT and are not great at keeping all the food in their mouths. Many women recommend having quite a lot of burp cloths around the house.

Diapers and wipes – Not only will you need baby diapers, but also newborn diapers. Having diapers that fit properly will help keep the mess contained. Having a lot of wipes around will also come in handy.

Baby nail clippers – Babies are unaware of their hands and can easily cut themselves in their nails are too long. It is important to keep newborn nail clippers around that are safe for their small and fragile fingers.

Baby thermometer – To keep your baby safe, you will need to check their temperature often. Keep a newborn first aid kit in your home.

Baby bathtub – These are handy for washing your baby in the sink or the tub. They make bath time safer and easier. It would not hurt to also register for toiletries like baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby powder, etc.

Breast pump or formula – This depends on how you plan on feeding your newborn.
Baby monitor – Once your newborn is sleeping on their own, having a baby monitor will help you keep a close watch on them.

Baby clothes – This is one of the most exciting baby registry must-haves. The tiny clothes and shoes are to die for. Make sure to register for onesies, no-scratch mittens, pajamas, jackets, socks, beanies, summer hats, dressy outfits, and whatever else you would like.

Stroller – If you do not plan on having to carry your baby anytime you leave the house, you will need a stroller. Having a stroller will keep wiggly babies safe while you go about your day.

Changing table or pad – You will need a place to change your baby’s diaper. Having a designated place will help keep your floors and other items clean.

Diaper bag – When leaving the house there is a lot your baby will need. Having a large bag to store everything in will come on handy.