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Sarah Brimhall is a blogger for Liquid Health, Inc. She graduated from Wartburg College in 2002 with a degree in Communications and has worked for Liquid Health, Inc. for 9 years. As a mother of three, Sarah is particularly interested in learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and helping her family to do the same.

How vitamin D affects your pain during delivery

labor and deliveryWe all now how important Vitamin D is in our lives, especially during the winter months when we get less sun exposure. Did you know your vitamin D levels might also affect how much pain you feel during labor and delivery? A study presented at the Anesthesiology 2014 annual meeting found that women with lower levels of Vitamin D “consumed more pain medication than patients with higher levels of vitamin D.”

The study consisted of 93 pregnant women before they gave birth. Their vitamin D levels were taken and compared with the amount of pain medication each patient required during labor and delivery. While all 93 participants requested an epidural during labor and delivery, those ladies with lower levels of vitamin D used more of the pain medication than their counterparts. Continue reading

Green smoothies for your kids

green smoothieI used to brag all the time about how much my kids loved green smoothies, but one day I realized the smoothie I was giving them wasn’t actually GREEN.  Because of all the strawberries I was putting in there, it was more of a pink color – so did this still count as a “green” smoothie?  I decided to research a little what actually qualifies as a green smoothie. Continue reading

Traveling With Toddlers


travel_kidsSo summer time is usually when lots of families go on vacation. Something I’ve learned in my 4.5 years as a mother is that traveling with babies and toddlers can be challenging! There’s no limit to the number of scenarios you need to be prepared for, but it’s impossible to have every thing you might possibly need, so here’s my list of must have items while traveling with little ones. Continue reading

Preeclampsia: who’s at risk and what to look for

preeclampsiaI’ve been pregnant 3 times, but I still wasn’t really sure what preeclampsia was. I’ve known friends who’ve had it during their pregnancies, but I always felt too silly to ask what it was, like I should already know. I decided to do a little research into this condition that affects 2-6% of healthy, first time moms according to the American Pregnancy Association. Continue reading

Pregnancy Brain is a Real Thing!

Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy Brain

We’ve all experienced it (or are experiencing it) – “pregnancy brain” that time during pregnancy when we seem to lose the ability to remember anything! It may be as simple as forgetting a word you’re trying to use or something bigger like forgetting a scheduled appointment, even after being reminded about it. I’ve always made jokes about why I seem to lose my brain when I’m pregnant, but recent studies show that there may be a real, physiological explanation for our forgetfulness. Continue reading

Postpartum depression: not just a risk for moms

Man carrying babyA recently published study has shined a light on a little talked about topic in the world of parenthood: paternal depression. According to Craig Garfield, an associate professor in pediatrics and medical social sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and lead author of the study, 5-10% of fathers are affected by paternal depression. The study, which was published in Pediatrics, found that young dads were particularly at risk for developing this condition. Continue reading

Postpartum depression: what to look for

Postpartum Depression, know the signs

Postpartum Depression, know the signs

Once you’ve had your baby and come home from the hospital, it’s easy to think that you’ll just slide back into regular life, but that’s not always the case. There is certainly a period of adjustment after adding a baby to your family, whether it’s your first or fifth. While this adjustment is normal, there are some times when the feelings of depression are more severe and possibly even dangerous. Here are some things to look out for as you return to your routine after childbirth. Continue reading

Folic Acid: Why it’s so important

supplemental folic acidIf you’re pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, one of the most important things you can be taking for your baby is Folic Acid.  It is recommended that women who are trying to get pregnant should start taking 400mcg of Folic Acid at least 1 month before getting pregnant.  Because of the role that folic acid plays in the production of new, healthy cells it’s important that you start taking folic acid right away if you suspect you may be pregnant. Continue reading

Tips for losing that baby weight!

weight loss after pregnancyYou did you!  You made it through pregnancy, labor and delivery and now you have a beautiful baby to show for it.  Then comes that (dreaded) moment when you have to get dressed in “real” clothes only to find out that your pregnancy and pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit.  Today I’m going to share some tips for losing the baby weight you bring home from the hospital. Continue reading

Tips to naturally induce labor

Naturally Induce Labor

Ways to induce labor

I think it’s safe to say that nearly every lady reaches in a point at the end of her pregnancy when she is just ready to have her baby.  You’re having a hard time sleeping, breathing, eating, you can’t get comfortable – all because your baby is continuing to grow and occupy a larger space within your belly.  It’s at this point that ladies begin to look for ways to induce, or kick start, labor.  There are numerous old wives tales out there of ways to get things going, today we’ll share a few that, while not scientifically proven to work, may be worth looking in to. Continue reading