Activities to Avoid While Pregnant

Being pregnant is such a wonderful part of life. It can also be a dangerous part of life, for you and the baby. Taking care of yourself is so important to protect yourself and the precious life inside you. Here are some activities to avoid while pregnant for a healthy pregnancy. These are only small sacrifices compared to the joy a new baby will bring.


Skiing is an activity that should be avoided. This includes both snow and water skiing. Many accidents happen while skiing that can harm your abdomen. This can, in turn, harm your baby in several ways. Instead, hang out in the boat, relax, and enjoy your time outdoors.

Lifting Weights

Not all pregnant women are required to stay away from weightlifting. However, it would not hurt to avoid heavy weights as much as possible while pregnant. Lifting weights has been known to cause problems for women who have had miscarriages and other pregnancy complications.

Scuba Diving

This one may not make a lot of sense. However, when you return to the surface while scuba diving, your body decompresses. This causes issues for your baby since they cannot decompress the same way you can. As a result, this can cause birth defects or preterm birth. Enjoy the beaches on the surface or stick to diving in shallow water for now.

Contact Sports

After reading about the previous activities, this one may seem like a no-brainer. It is so important that you avoid sports that could result in injury to your abdomen. This includes sports like football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, etc. This is a time to hang out on the sidelines until your baby is born.

Activities with Risk of Falling

Another way to harm your baby is simply falling. Avoid anything that has a high risk of causing you to fall and hurt yourself. This includes rock climbing, ice skating, roller skating, certain types of dancing, etc.

Other Things to Be Careful With

woman rock climbing

Some other things to be careful with are massages, acupuncture, and hot tubs. If you are going to get a massage or acupuncture, be sure to tell them you are pregnant. This way they make sure they do not do anything unsafe for your baby. While there is little research on using hot tubs while pregnant, it is best to avoid them. They can cause you to overheat, pass out, or fall and hurt yourself and your baby. Activities that involve any repetitive bouncing should also be avoided. Too much bouncing can result in premature labor.

This list of activities to avoid while pregnant may seem a little daunting. Many women may feel restricted when they are pregnant. However, just remember you are carrying a life inside you and can do anything you put your mind to. Want to make your pregnancy a little easier? Check out our article, Great Products to Use While Pregnant. Do not forget to also check out our liquid prenatal vitamins. Our vitamins are in liquid form for better absorption, so you can have a healthy pregnancy.


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